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So Disappointed

Posted : 12 years, 11 months ago on 27 July 2009 06:40 (A review of Public Enemies)

Before i was going to see this movie i had high expectations for this movie, sky high actually. Why you ask? well, because of this; Johnny Depp + Christian Bale + Marion Cotillard + Michael Mann. And it would be very intersting if the camera angle Michale Mann uses are any good in this movie.

To start with the good things. The actors did their job. The Chemistry was not that bad, Depp and Cotillard played too unserious couple - but that's the movie itself, and not the actors, mistake. Christian Bale does one of his best jobs though, except (for me) "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight" and "The Machinist" The action scenes was also not too bad. I got a really good feeling in maybe the first 20 minutes, but after that, the movie got boring and more boring, until it got uninteresting.

The film was very up and down. bits and peaces you can say. Well except the first 20 minutes that were pretty good. After the 20 minutes, it was on five minutes, off five minutes, on five minutes and so forth. Not only was it on and off, but the shooting scene was so loud, it almost was too loud. I got a realistic picture of this, but should Mann blow my ear off because he want it loud? I don't think so. The camera angle Mann uses wasn't so clearly when the film was at it's best, but when it got boring, this angle actually was kind of a problem.

In the end, i would say it still maybe is a cool film for some people, but for me this was a disappointment! I though this could be pretty cool blockbuster, but it ended up to be a total OK film... My suggestion? See "Collateral" (Michael Mann)!

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My First Von Trier Film

Posted : 12 years, 11 months ago on 24 July 2009 04:56 (A review of Antichrist)

This is my first Von Trier film, and what's better than watch one on the big screen? Before I saw the movie i expected a totally different film whos like no other! And what did I get? Well, it didn't dissapoint, to be general.

The film's got a prologue, epilogue and the film is divide in acts. This is pretty cool, because it feels like you're in a theatre, but in fact you're really not. The film only got to main characeters, but this is also good, because you get a good realtionship to both of them and it's more easy to charaterize to people than thousands (metaphorically speaking). Both of the actors (Willem Dafoe & Charlotte Gainsbourg) plays really well. In fact i wpuld go so far as (almost) saying this could be "Academy Awards"-roles.

The atmosphere in the film is pretty fantastic as well. As it goes from bad to worse, like in real life. So this is pretty much a realistic film (even though the epilogue might not happen in real life xD). But it's not only the atmosphere that makes this a realistic film, but the camera angle is also very special, and very cool for this project. It feels like (for me) that someone is taping this in the real life and that this movie is documentary. For this film, it works! The Cinemtography must also be taking to consideration, because it was pretty fantastic. This can also be linked to why the atmosphere is so good too.

All in all this is one of my recommendation on what you should see this year or anytime soon. This was maybe my first Von Trier film, but it's surly ain't gonna be my last one!

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Good Idea, But Bad Adaption for the Screen

Posted : 12 years, 11 months ago on 19 July 2009 12:57 (A review of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon)

This movie, I got to say, had a good idea if the genre was documentary, but this is horror and this is total crap to the genre. I have seen "The Blair Witch Project", which i was told was pretty damn good. Dissapointet I was after the movie, because it didn't entertain well, it was boring, actually very boring, But this movie "Behind the Mask" is worse, and more stupied that TBWP!

This movie is a movie about what it would look like if it would been an actually fiction film. You didn't understand? (See the movie). I felt like, as i've said, this was a documentary and NOT a horror movie, as they have promoted it to. Maybe not a psychofilm or a slasherfilm, but it did promoted to be a horror with comedy in it. Well, the only comedy I saw here was the whas waht they said, what they did and what the film turned out to be.

The Actors dosen't play very well, the atmosphere is pretty bad (especially when i laugh instead of being terryfied) and for me it's so poor that it's embarrasing to watch. This is one of the worst films I've seen this year, and I've seen a lot of crappy films ("date movie", "epic movie", "alone in the dark"). This, "on the other hand", isn't the worst movie I've seen (I'll give you a "Clue"; "Dracula 3000"), but it's not a long way to go. Because this was just a parody on the genre horror, when they promoted horror/comedy!

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Entertaining action/thriller

Posted : 12 years, 11 months ago on 17 July 2009 07:42 (A review of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 (1974))

A remake has come in 2009, with John Travolta & Denzel Washinton, with about the same name. Before I'm gonna see the new version, I made sure I watched the old version, in case it's better, which older version of films (example: The Day the Earth Stood Still) usally am.

The movie got a great set of atmosphere, especially when you think of how they hijacked the train, why they do it and the question you alway have in your head; How can they come out this mess... You can easly see that this movie could have been filmed today, and not only for 30-40 years ago, which is good (for me that is).

The Actors do a great job, maybe not the best job in the world, but still... The music from the film is very good, and kind of fits good. The special effects is not that bad, actually they are pretty good (especially when you think 1974).

So all in all a very entertaining action/thriller film!

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